Netflix premiers Four Seasons in Havana

The charismatic character of Mario Conde, Leonardo Padura’s literary creation, now in a TV miniseries for all of Latin America.

Leonardo Padura with spanich director Félix Viscarret.

Last December the Netflix platform started broadcasting for all of Latin America the miniseries Four Seasons in Havana, based on the tetralogy of detective novels by Cuban writer Leonardo Padura, which gave life to the renowned detective Mario Conde.

Directed by Spaniard Félix Viscarret and starring actor Jorge Perugorría in the role of Conde, the miniseries has four 90-minute chapters titled “Havana Blue,” “Havana Gold,” “Havana Red” and “Havana Black.”


With a script by Leonardo Padura and Lucía López Coll, the Spanish-Cuban production was shot fundamentally in Havana in just five months and renowned Cuban actors like Alberto Molina, which gives life to Major Rangel, Luis Alberto Gacía, as the “Flaco” Carlos, Mario Guerra, playing Candito “el Rojo” and Carlos Enrique Almirante, as the young Sergeant Manolo Palacios, participated in it.


The actresses were Laura Ramos, who gives a face to the ethereal Tamara, Aurora Basnuevo recreates the affectionate Josefina and Juana Acosta, a Colombian residing in Spain, had the challenge of becoming the attractive Karina.


From the point of view of the main story, the miniseries strengthens the detective plot present in Padura’s novels based on resolving mysteries, without renouncing the presentation of the conflicts existing in Cuban society from a questioning look at reality.


Like in the novels, the televised Mario Conde is an inveterate smoker, compulsive drinker and eternal wished-for writer. An atypical detective who far from being a lonely wolf like the majority of his kind, he finds in his group of friends the necessary strength to face the disappointments and failures of his life.


An outstanding aspect of the miniseries is its visual conception, which is based on a careful selection of locations, an accurate art direction and a photography that while showing the real Havana is able to catch the city’s mystery.


In the first weeks of its showing through Netflix, the miniseries has had an enthusiastic welcome by viewers from the entire continent who have had the opportunity of seeing the adaptation of the well-known novels of the Cuban author most read in and outside the country, and of enjoying for the first time, in this powerful platform, a detective saga rooted in Cuban society and made with a Cuban perspective.


In addition to the miniseries designed for television, a version for cinema of its “Havana Blue” chapter was also made, which was premiered commercially in Spain last October 30 and was officially presented in Cuba during the last New Latin American International Film Festival.


Four Seasons in Havana will be premiered in Europe throughout this year. (2017)

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