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A new means of information for consumers, commerce and classified ads for the purchase-sale among individuals appears in Cuba.

Una vieja demanda de la población, cubierta sobre todo por sitios web de facturación externa, se suma al escenario mediático de Cuba.

Foto: Tomada de Cubadebate

A new publication under the name of Ofertas (Offers) appeared last weekend in kiosks, streets and homes in Cuba with the aim of filling information voids that have been partially covered until now by Internet sites published abroad. As a novelty it includes publicity, classified ads for the purchase-sale among individuals, and information of interest about commerce, industrial design, production and other activities in which state-run and foreign enterprises are involved as well as the country’s emerging private sectors and cooperatives.

With a print run of 60,000 copies and 16 pages in colour, the new publication has a monthly frequency and costs three Cuban pesos. Its publishing house, the National Information Agency (AIN), said in a press note that the tabloid “responds to the need of state-run enterprises, agencies, institutions and private workers to make known their endeavours as part of the process of the updating of the Cuban economic model.”


In the eight pages of classified ads of the first issue – also en the areas of publicity – juridical and natural persons share an equal space.


The agency announced that the Ofertas website would open soon with classified ads “placed directly by users free of charge,” in addition to those that were contracted by the publication. It also promises spaces for paid publicity banners.


“Persons interested in placing ads or publicity in the newspaper can go to the commercial offices of AIN, on 23 Street on the corner of J, Vedado, and the provincial offices will start being opened gradually to respond to the interests of those wanting to place ads in each province,” the agency announced.


The editors expressed their intention of establishing the rates for placing publicity at competitive levels. “We have made an effort for the prices to be at around 50 per cent of those charged by other means for publicity. Our prices are competitive.”

Las paladares o restaurantes privados es una de las actividades comerciales que nació con empleo más intenso de los recursos de la publicidad.

Las paladares o restaurantes privados es una de las actividades comerciales que nació con empleo más intenso de los recursos de la publicidad.

Foto: Jorge Luis Baños


As an antecedent, during the 1980s a weekly with a similar profile, Opina, circulated in Cuba and it was very popular and had a very dynamic promotion strategy on television and other means of communication. But that publication disappeared in the early 1990s with the economic crisis that turned the country upside down and considerably reduced the media scene.


After this type of information remained overt for some 20 years, multiple Cuban classified spaces appeared on the Internet, a great deal of them published from abroad. Revolico is one of the most used by the country’s consumers.


In this first issue, Ofertas is prioritising one of the weakest subjects today in the commercial and production spheres of the country: image and design. Neglected for decades by the majority of the state-run enterprises, the matters of visual communication now extend those voids to the private businesses, restaurants and small private enterprises and the cooperatives of recent formation.


In addition to the interview with the director of the National Design Office, Pedro García-Espinosa, the new tabloid promises to return to fields linked to the culture of details, among others. (2015)

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