Russia again injects energy in Cuba

With a 1.2 billion euro credit, the Russian government is financing the construction of four power generation units in the largest of the Caribbean islands.

One of the four power generation units will be built in the Este de La Havana Thermoelectric Plant.

Russia granted Cuba a credit for the construction of several power generation plants, giving continuity to the cooperation agreements signed a year before by both governments and the tradition of helping in the energy sphere developed between Havana and Moscow during the times of the Soviet Union.

Ria Novosti and other Russian media reported that the government of that country approved on October 20 the granting to Cuba of a 1.2 billion euro credit to finance the investment in four new generators in two important thermoelectric plants.


The Russian side will hand over the financing to build a generating block of 200 megawatts (MW) in the Máximo Gómez Plant, located in Mariel annexed to the Special Development Zone, and another three with the same power in the Este de La Habana Thermoelectric Plant.


The total amount of 800 MW implies a strong injection in the power generation capacity installed in Cuba, which is approximately 6,000 MW, after the incorporation to the National Power Generation System in recent years of other generation units, including the Moa Electric Diesel Plant, a mineral enclave in eastern Cuba, in early 2015.


The decree, signed by Russian Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev, instructs the ministries of finances, foreign trade, economic development and energy to negotiate with the Cuban side the signing of the agreement, together with the state-run foreign trade bank VEB.


The executors responsible for the investment will be the Inter Rao Export Company, of the Russian Federation, and the Cuban Electricity Conglomerate, whose CEOs signed the memorandum of understanding for this purpose as part of the agreements signed by both governments during the visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin in July of last year.


In addition to the loan for the blocks in the thermoelectric plants, the Council of Ministers of Russia approved a draft agreement to grant Cuba a credit of a billion dollars to modernise and expand the José Martí Antillana de Acero metallurgical plant, which should be executed between 2016 and 2019. (2015)

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