The Cuban agricultural sector and relations with the United States

There are several scenarios being lived and discerned for food security on the Caribbean islandbased on its ties with the United States, in a new context of relations for the two nations. Regarding the first rapprochements and intentions for the definite elimination of the blockade several stages have to be gone through, not exempt of advantages and challenges.

December 17, 2014 marked a new stage in Cuba-U.S. relations, as the start of a solution to the dispute between both countries which has lasted for more than 57 years.Starting then measures have been taken geared at the future normalisation of economic relations between both nations. Undoubtedly, there is still a long road ahead not free of obstacles but with the spirit and will of seeking and finding the most suitable and mutually advantageous solutionson the table of negotiations and in conditions of equality.

Books in Cuba

Ever since the start of the revolution books have been a fundamental part of Cubans’ culture despite the decreasing habit of reading in recent years.

Despite the decreasing habit of reading in recent years, in Cuba books have been and are a cultural object placed in the hands of the population ever since in a speech Fidel Castro gave in the first years of the revolutionary triumph he pronounced the phrase: we don’t tell the people to believe but rather to read.

Marabú charcoal for the United States

Cuba and the United States opened a new year with the signing of agreements that continue polishing off relations between both countries.

Ironically, one of the woody plants most cursed in Cuban fields has become the raw material for the first product that Cuba is able to export to the United States after five decades of economic blockade.

Netflix premiers Four Seasons in Havana

The charismatic character of Mario Conde, Leonardo Padura’s literary creation, now in a TV miniseries for all of Latin America.

Last December the Netflix platform started broadcasting for all of Latin America the miniseries Four Seasons in Havana, based on the tetralogy of detective novels by Cuban writer Leonardo Padura, which gave life to the renowned detective Mario Conde.