More intense drought worries Cuba

Climate change in the Caribbean is causing shorter cycles in the return of droughts, lasting for longer periods of time.

With a significant reduction in precipitations, it is confirmed that drought is one of the conflicts that today most strains the country’s economy and the life of many persons. The expansion of the territories affected by this climatic disaster, less published but equally damaging like a cyclone, has made it necessary to draw up a programme of urgent measures in the country.

Padura in the Hay Festival 2017

The Cuban writer returns to Cartagena de Indias, in Colombia, for a festival that promotes not just literature, but also cinema, visual arts, music, journalism, geopolitics and the environment.

Leonardo Padura was one of the writers invited to the 20th edition of the Hay Festival held this year in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia, considered one of the most important cultural events of the language in the Latin American sphere.

Cuba issues call to world’s oil companies

Dozens of companies came to the 2017 Cuba Oil & Gas Summit to investigate the country’s oil potential and investment alternatives.

Oil production and prospecting was confirmed last week as one of the activities in which Cuba is most interested in the participation of foreign capital. Scores of companies from 15 countries came to the 2017 Cuba Oil & Gas Summit in Havana attracted by the geological studies pinning hopes on new discoveries in oil areas of Cuban northern coast.