2017: Cuban civil society during election time

Annual Social Review.

The year 2017 was marked by the rollback in the rapprochement between Cuba and the United States, the adoption of migratory regulations and the coming into force of new measures for the private sector of the economy, the latter described as restrictive by a part of Cuban civil society.

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Cuba: communication, rights and sustainable development

The communication model prevailing in the country needs to be changed to be at the level of Cuban society’s current demands.That communication model becomes concretised, in the political as well as the juridical, in the concept of the right to communication, understood as the right to inform and to be informed, to speak and to be heard, indispensable in order to participate in the decisions that concern the collective.

The father in Cuban legislation: old and new debates

An analysis on paternity in Cuba, from its historic perspective to the current legislative transformations, centredon the Family Law.

About Mariel and the Cuban queer diaspora

Conversation with a “Marielito” who doesn’t bear a grudge because he was expelled from his country, but neither is he prepared to erase his past.

Does the Labour Code protect domestics?

The new Code covers a group of transcendental aspects for the labour relations of those working today in the non-state sector, including remunerated domestics, but there are still gaps that must be bridged.