The father in Cuban legislation: old and new debates

An analysis on paternity in Cuba, from its historic perspective to the current legislative transformations, centredon the Family Law.

The study of paternity based on the different branches of social sciences nowadays is of great interest and usefulness, since there are insufficient theoretical-scientific frameworks that take into account the father as the central point of reflection and that serve as a guide with respect to the group of questions interlaced around that social figure at present.Paternity, understood as a sociocultural construction, is the place assigned to the father, the responsibility, the wish to be a father and the experiences that accompany its exercise, which vary depending on the sociocultural contexts.[1]

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Does the Labour Code protect domestics?

The new Code covers a group of transcendental aspects for the labour relations of those working today in the non-state sector, including remunerated domestics, but there are still gaps that must be bridged.

Spectacles for gender, from childhood

Though the government’s will and many of the policies established are directed at trying to position a gender-related focus in the different spheres of Cuban society, a great deal of the population and among many key social actors there are still sexist representations regarding gender, which reproduce discriminatory, biased and not very healthy practices for women and men. In this context, it is pertinent to work on the subject matter of gender during childhood, with an educational intention. This allows for having an early influence in the process of forming the personality and promoting beliefs and values coherent with gender equity.

Solás: A cinema of crossed interrelations with Europe and Latin America

Cuban Humberto Solás’ film-making points to essential and cultural elements that come out of the very drama of Latin American and Caribbean reality, especially Cuba’s. All of his work, including his unpublished scripts, procures enormous curiosity and attention toward the Latin American, way beyond the borders of their countries.