Cuba promotes trade at home

With the 4th Business Fair, the Cuban Economy Ministry is encouraging local enterprises to seek and plan market alternatives inside the country.

The development of trade and investments among Cuban enterprises is gaining strength as an alternative, in an economic situation in which the country’s financial limitations are threatening the expansion of leading sectors like tourism. The 4th Business Fair returned to the ExpoCuba fairgrounds from May 10 to 25 to encourage the rapprochement and exchange among local producing, services and commercial entities.

Women shoemakers hope to form cooperative

The initiative is facing bureaucratic obstacles they are fighting to overcome.

A group of private women shoemakers from the Havana municipality of Marianaohas been trying for two years to achieve the legalisation of their business, called La Oportuna, and to become a non-agricultural cooperative managed by women.

Russian oil returns to Cuba

A contract signed between the Russian Rosneft Oil Company and Cubametales is expanding the range of Cuba’s energy allies.

Russia is recovering the historic role of oil supplier to Cuba starting this week, in compliance with an intergovernmental agreement signed last year between both countries. The cargo would be getting here to relieve the energy pressures the Caribbean nation is facing due to the contraction in the supply of crude from Venezuela.

Tourism and culture alliance

Cuba’s International Tourism Fair placed its banners in a province with ambitious growth plans, which has its sight set on the local cultural heritage among its strengths.

In an intelligent combination of opportunities, Cuba’s International Tourism Fair (FITCuba 2017) began this week in the province of Holguín, coinciding with the Romerias de Mayo, a cultural tradition of Holguín’s capital led by young people for more than two decades.