Ten books over my head

The truly important books are those we don’t dare to quote.

A short time ago a young journalist from a digital site asked me for a list of the 10 Cuban books that have had most influenced me. This is not the first time I have been asked for such a list, but that does not prevent me usually having a sensation of perplexity when, let’s say, taking an empty sheet of paper, listing on it 10 spaces and trying to fill them out, just to cross out once and gain each line, while the doubts boil in my head and the task becomes anguishing for me if I try to give coherence to the list, or turn it into a small canon containing the works that the majority would accept as most relevant.

Cuba promotes trade at home

With the 4th Business Fair, the Cuban Economy Ministry is encouraging local enterprises to seek and plan market alternatives inside the country.

The development of trade and investments among Cuban enterprises is gaining strength as an alternative, in an economic situation in which the country’s financial limitations are threatening the expansion of leading sectors like tourism. The 4th Business Fair returned to the ExpoCuba fairgrounds from May 10 to 25 to encourage the rapprochement and exchange among local producing, services and commercial entities.

Padura in Santo Domingo

This time around the documentary Vivir y escribir en La Habana was presented.

Cuban writer Leonardo Padura was one of the narrators invited to the Santo Domingo International Book Fair (FILSD 2017), which concluded on May 1 and had Paraguay as honorary guest country.

Women shoemakers hope to form cooperative

The initiative is facing bureaucratic obstacles they are fighting to overcome.

A group of private women shoemakers from the Havana municipality of Marianaohas been trying for two years to achieve the legalisation of their business, called La Oportuna, and to become a non-agricultural cooperative managed by women.