Russian oil returns to Cuba

A contract signed between the Russian Rosneft Oil Company and Cubametales is expanding the range of Cuba’s energy allies.

Russia is recovering the historic role of oil supplier to Cuba starting this week, in compliance with an intergovernmental agreement signed last year between both countries. The cargo would be getting here to relieve the energy pressures the Caribbean nation is facing due to the contraction in the supply of crude from Venezuela.

Cuba: communication, rights and sustainable development

The communication model prevailing in the country needs to be changed to be at the level of Cuban society’s current demands.That communication model becomes concretised, in the political as well as the juridical, in the concept of the right to communication, understood as the right to inform and to be informed, to speak and to be heard, indispensable in order to participate in the decisions that concern the collective.

Complaints and dissatisfactions are frequently heard in diverse scenarios about the public communication system in Cuba. At times there are heated debates about the subject based on the counterpoised press imagery, but there are also more peaceful, rigorous and integral reflections that come up especially in the academic field of communication and information and in the journalistic sector.

Violeta Parra: between life and pain

On the centennial of her birth, Casa de lasAméricas pays tribute in Cuba to one of the highest exponents of Chilean culture.

Solitary, unfinished and defiant, like its own creator, an applique of 136 by 200 centimetres, escorted by song lyrics, pays tribute to Chilean singer-songwriter Violeta Parra on the centennial of her birth through the exhibition “Tealabo, amiga, compañera” at Havana’s Casa de lasAméricas.

Tourism and culture alliance

Cuba’s International Tourism Fair placed its banners in a province with ambitious growth plans, which has its sight set on the local cultural heritage among its strengths.

In an intelligent combination of opportunities, Cuba’s International Tourism Fair (FITCuba 2017) began this week in the province of Holguín, coinciding with the Romerias de Mayo, a cultural tradition of Holguín’s capital led by young people for more than two decades.