Herejes into English

The new edition of this novel by Padura is already available in English-speaking markets, in the UK as well as the U.S.

Heretics, the translation into English of the novel Herejes by Cuban writer Leonardo Padura, was presented in London by Gaby Wood, a prestigious literary critic and current director of the Booker Prize.

The presentation took place last April 5 in the beautiful London bookstore Daunt Books Marylebone with the attendance of more than 100 readers. During the meeting Padura dealt with different aspects of his literary experience and life in Cuba, and referred to the genesis of this book capable of surprisingly interweaving the stories of a supposed disciple of Rembrandt in the Amsterdam of 1640, a young Jewish man whose family aims to emigrate from Germany to Cuba on board the Sant Louis ship in 1939, and a young Cuban woman who disappears in the Havana of today. All this under the close and melancholic glance of detective Mario Conde, bearing more years and disappointments than those he seems able to withstand.


This new edition of Herejes was made by the British publishing house Bitter Lemon Press and the U.S. Farrar, Strauss and Giroux, and according to the author, it is already in the English-speaking markets of both sides of the Atlantic while its presentation is being prepared in the United States for around the second semester of this year.


Moreover, between late March and early April the renowned Cuban novelist participated as a guest in the Atlantic Festival of the Detective Genre, Tenerife Noir 2017, which closed its session in the Central Municipal Library of Santa Cruz with a crowded meeting organised as an interview with the writer, led by journalist Juan Cruz.


During his stay in Spain, Padura also formed part of the jury of the 2nd Microrelatos IASA Ascensores Prize, organised by the Páginas de Espuma publishing house, which is convened in Granada, and gave two lectures in the University of that famous Andalucian city.


Later he travelled to Catalonia to participate in the MOT 2017 Literature Festival, sponsored by the cities of Olot and Girona, which this year was held under the slogan “Literature and past.” Here Padura also was in charge of the closing session, to a fullhouse, designed with an interview format that had as host Cuba specialist Daniel Rodríguez.


Padura’s participation in the Dominican Republic’s next Book Fair has also been announced. (2017)




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