Not daunted

Andrew Holness, has declared that he is a political heavyweight.

Kingston , Sept. 11- With the possibility of a leadership challenge in the opposition Jamaica Labour Party (JLP), party leader Andrew Holness, has declared that he is a political heavyweight whose career will be far from over regardless of the outcome if there is a challenge.

The former Prime Minister who was a guest on a television discussion programme here late Wednesday  also admitted that he did not expect to be challenged for the party’s top job but said if this is the case he will be a force to be reckoned with.

“Absolutely not! I will be around; I will be a contender, they will have to contend with me. Andrew Holness is a household name in Jamaica. I entered politics at the age of 20; I was a Member of Parliament by 25. I contested a seat that the PNP had won by 4000 votes and I hold it today still with a 1000 vote majority. Andrew Holness is not a political lightweight.”

The possibility of a  change in the party became a reality a few weeks ago when  former Finance Minister and JLP Deputy leader Audley Shaw announced his intention to challenge Holness for the leadership of the organization.

According to Holness, if he is the loser in the event of a  challenge, he would in short order challenge Shaw for the top job.(2013)

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