Tourism bets on golf

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With the approval of the first investment for a golf course, the Cuban tourist industry is seeking new added value and competitiveness.

With a pragmatism that makes Miami right-wing critics grumble, the Raúl Castro government is spreading the cards it’s playing to strengthen one of the leading sectors of the economy: tourism. Recently, the British company Esencia Hotels and Resorts and the Cuban Palmares agreed on the creation of a joint venture, Habana Resort, for the development of golf courses in order to expand the options of the leisure industry on the Cuban archipelago. The announcement forms part of a much vaster investment programme to fill the cays with hotels and other attractions.

FAO recognises food policy in Cuba

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The FAO director general congratulated the historic leader of the Cuban Revolution for the early fulfilment of the world goal in the struggle against hunger. The statement takes place in the midst of a rapprochement of relations that is opportune for the current Cuban economic strategy.

The letter of congratulations sent to Fidel Castro and to Cuba by United Nations Food and Agriculture Director General José Graziano da Silva unleashed open grudges among the foreign enemies of the Cuban government and astonishment in other spheres. But, when looked into, the statement is not a surprise nor is it lacking in fundament. It is one more step in a long list of bilateral work with several points of mutual agreement, collaboration and support.

Controversial or peaceful: which is the alternative?

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There are no recipes for a way out of or a solution to conflicts; there are diverse strategies according to the dispute in question and the characteristics of the context.

In our day and age it is frequent to hear the idea of «it’s best to avoid problems» or to reject a person because she/he is considered «controversial». But, really, is it possible to avoid conflicts, turn your back on them or ignore them? Conflicts form part of daily life and are present in all human activities.

Cuban tourist industry seeks alliances and markets

Taken from the FITCuba 2013 website.

The International Tourism Fair, FITCuba 2013, opened in Varadero from May 7 to 11.

With a review of marketing strategies and in the midst of intense investments to expand the hotel network, the Cuban tourist sector’s authorities welcomed the participants in the 33rd International Tourism Fair, FITCuba 2013, inaugurated on May 7 at Varadero’s Plaza América Convention Centre.