Mariel’s hour is approaching

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A Cuban government resolution frees imports for foreign industrial investment from paying customs duty.

A recent legal Cuban government regulation left the door open to new businesses in the so-called special development zones, a probable platform for the re-launching of foreign investments in the largest of the Antillean islands. The monumental work of the Mariel megaport could be one of the first to be blessed.

Looking up at the sky

Jorge Luis Baños-IPS/

A poor year in precipitations confirms that drought in Cuba is one of the most fearful consequences of climate change.

A first quarter dryer than usual is worrying Cuban farmers and a shadow is hovering over a strategic objective of the country: to increase food production. In the face of a threat that is not new, the authorities are promoting alternatives to build a system of sustainable agriculture.

Talking about masculinity: In the name of the son (and of the daughter)

Jorge Luis Baños-IPS/

Paternal irresponsibility is no an isolated problem, nor does it solely involve masculinity and the harmful consequences of the prevailing patriarchal culture.

«In our country, the family is evolving, but it continues to be the ‘primary recourse and last refuge’ for most of its members.»1

The confession

When I typed the last period (it should have been an ellipsis) of my book, En el nombre del hijo (In the name of the father2) , in 2007, I was sure of what I would call the urgent need to speak out in Cuban society about paternal (ir)responsibility; however, I was far from imagining what was to come.

Enrique Domínguez: a life in radio

A well-known unknown

Until a short while ago, Professor Enrique Domínguez Sosa saved in his home the 4,000 letters sent in 1985 by listeners of the «Clave ocho treinta» programme, a Radio Progreso space that he has been advising since 1972. Those letters were just a sample of his fervour for the media to which he has given almost his entire working life. He is properly a man of radio.