Joaquín Borges Triana: Music and dreams

The alternative as banner.


The history of universal music offers a list of blind composers, instrumentalists and singers whose willpower allowed them to assert their exceptional artistic talent: Joaquín Rodrigo, Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Andrea Bochelli, are among the most well-known. (We don’t mention Bach because he was only blind at the end of his life.)

Cuban recipe for salads

Cuba aims to invest almost 100 million dollars in organic and intensive gardening agriculture and other fresh foods to reduce the dependence on imports.

With the programming of mid-term investments in urban and suburban agriculture, Cuba confirmed in April that food production continues among its strategic goals for development. Through the expansion of the system of small organic and intensive agriculture plots, the country is seeking to respond to the economic and social conflicts that affect so much agriculture and livestock activity such as foreign trade and domestic demand.

Poland, some photos to refresh memories

Images that bring back smells, tastes, untold stories

A few days ago I went to the inauguration of the photo exhibition “Cuba-Polonia. Miradasespeculares,” by young artist Neisys G [Neisys González Pérez], in the Carmen Montilla Art Gallery. The exhibit, curated by Aylet Ojeda, turns the vestibule of the institution into a magnetised space where in parallel images of buildings, parks, monuments, temples of the Central European nation and of our island are on display. It is the first proposal of the young creator and in it she shows that she can go way beyond the simple dominion of the photographic technique since she has the intuition and the sensibility to not stay at the surface of things and, instead of giving us images from a tourist catalogue, she goes to those elements hidden under the coloured surface of objects that can help unveil the culture and the spirituality of a country.

Opening to Spanish investment in Cuba

Business forum promotes in Madrid a Collateral Fund created based on Cuba’s renegotiated debt with Spain.

Spanish companies and projects in Cuba have an investment with an additional means of support of more than 400 million dollars, derived from Cuba’s debt written off by Spain a few years ago. The use of that alternative was promoted by representatives of the two countries in a business forum recently held in Madrid.