Herejes into English

The new edition of this novel by Padura is already available in English-speaking markets, in the UK as well as the U.S.

Heretics, the translation into English of the novel Herejes by Cuban writer Leonardo Padura, was presented in London by Gaby Wood, a prestigious literary critic and current director of the Booker Prize.

The father in Cuban legislation: old and new debates

An analysis on paternity in Cuba, from its historic perspective to the current legislative transformations, centredon the Family Law.

The study of paternity based on the different branches of social sciences nowadays is of great interest and usefulness, since there are insufficient theoretical-scientific frameworks that take into account the father as the central point of reflection and that serve as a guide with respect to the group of questions interlaced around that social figure at present.Paternity, understood as a sociocultural construction, is the place assigned to the father, the responsibility, the wish to be a father and the experiences that accompany its exercise, which vary depending on the sociocultural contexts.[1]

To face the real estate market

The Cuban government has decided to reorganise the buying and selling of homes and the handing over of subsidies for the construction and repair of dwellings.

With the approval of new regulations on subsidies to build and repair dwellings, the related tax-paying procedures and other initiatives, the government aims to reorganise and unblock an activity that has traditionally had a deficit in Cuba since the past.

Margarita Mateo Palmer: A National Prize for a transgressor

The Cuban doctor, essayist and novelist is one of the most integral intellectuals of today’s Cuban literature.

Doctor Margarita Mateo Palmer received the 2016 National Prize for Literature while she was trying to clean a stain on the floor of her terrace. On other occasions she had been nominated but the news, she says, caught her by surprise. Her first reaction was, she confesses, “to laugh from joy and a feeling of great gratitude” to all those who have contributed to the development of her work.